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I have never seen so many catbirds as I have this year!! I feed oranges and jelly, and need to refill the feeder at least twice a day. And they are very friendly. They wait patiently wait near my head while I refill the feeder. I have had catbirds for many yrs come to my yard in Southern New Hampshire,,, I await eagerly for their return..

Mostly one at a time, but every now and then Parent and child at the same time. We have been seeing a pair of yellow warbler, they are beautiful. Now, I am going to have to look for the catbird. For the last three or four years I have had a catbird that follows me around as I mow or scoop up dog poop. Fearless and friendly. It was a catbird!!!

I love his little black cap and pretty beady eyes. Truly enjoyed his visit 2 evenings in a row.

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We have quite a few noisy catbirds who love to splash in birdbaths similar to the robins. I start hearing and seeing them in May and usually they are gone and missed by August. There is silence… No sound.. Moreso at the beginning of spring and while they were feeding their young. I love to watch the catbirds in my yard. The are very inquisitive. They follow me around my yard when I work. One time I was sitting at my outside table, the catbird sat on the edge of the bird bath just watching me for several minutes. They also love the bird bath! Sometimes I put half apples on the patio and watch them gobble it up until there was nothing left but the skin.

I look forward to them coming back each spring. I think they were on the property many years before we were. Thanks for the tip on the raisins now I can reward him for his concerts. I just love birds.

Epub Secrets Of Backyard Bird Photography

Coming originally from Europe I was not familiar with the Catbird — it has definetely become one of my very favorite songbirds. And they do come to my Oriole feeders and will eat the oranges as well as the grape jelly. So glad to hear that my backyard songster who has been serenading me for many years now is probably the same bird. I just started a group on Facebook called Catbird Lovers!

A robin started building a nest in our garage!

Do you enjoy attracting wildlife to your backyard?

Typical looking start for a robins nest. Two days later we had a very atypical completed nest with a catbird sitting in it—robin base, catbird crown! Catbird had eminent domain for 2 days and was then usurped by the robin. A lot of chasing and pursuing is going on in the yard.

No eggs in the nest yet.

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I must add that we have a very bird friendly large suburban CT yard and have already observed first broods of robins and catbirds this year, reared in appropriate nests and locales. What is going on here? I have been living in my house for over 20 years and have never seen one in my neighborhood. There are plenty of mockingbirds which, I believe, enjoy the same diet. Why are the catbirds strangers in my neighborhood Cincinnati, OH? Since we moved, we have Catbirds but no Mockingbirds. Our previous home was just the opposite. I live on a lake in Northern NJ and have catbirds every year.

But, they are so secretive that I have never found a nest.

I cultivate blueberry bushes as they love the berries, and I love to watch them feeding. I had a row of blueberries which the cat birds loved. They nested in a holly tree outside of my kitchen window.

ATTRACTING and PHOTOGRAPHING Birds in Your Backyard (Beginner's Guide)

It was neat to hear their call like a cat meowing softly in addition to their singing. My garden buddy cracks me up, and I love the company! Exactly the relationship I have with our catbird. Love, love, love his company. A very interesting article about a really neat bird. Are their populations on the increase? They are over the moon with singing and activity when the berries are ripe!! We love the catbirds around our home in Brewster on Cape Cod. They are also very smart. They are the only birds that discover the holes in our net over our raspberry patch and hop in and out along the ground and next to the shed without a problem.

Plus when I am picking, one sits on the pole supporting the net and yells at me! I live in Milford NH and for many years I did try to entice the bluebird so called of happiness …. I did keep a special feeder only with dry meal worms.. I did see the catbird eating with grate pleasure peanut butter.. I hanged a feeder with peanut butter.. I give you peanut butter, you do not get the meal worms!.. I would say.. I mean , migrate…in the last days.. I did not see them as many times as they use to show up.. They ate the grape jelly that I put out for the Baltimore Orioles.

Always interesting to watch them and enjoyed listening to their cat like sounds. Great article, thanks!! One minute later my cat enters with a mouthful of adult Catbird, which he deposits at my feet. It goes straight behind the nightstand — alive, but scared.

Better Backyard Bird Photography: Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Cheats

He runs on the floor and hides in corners. If he can fly, I will summarily release him to go about his morning agenda. I put birdseed and water on the floor near him. Should I leave him a raisin or orange slice, too? Rachel rucheili60 gmail. What a great piece. Have a catbird couple nesting in my wooded garden in Scarborough Maine. They visit my feeders daily and try unsuccessfully to land on the birch log suet feeders.

Saw one selecting sticks for the nest. Catbirds are wonderful conversationalists, will stop and talk with you, answer in their fashion.