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The found dependences indicate that 2D growth takes a place at low substrate temperatures. Grown NCD films are optically transparent in a wide spectral range. Full Paper: Deposition of thin nanocrystalline diamond films requires a high control of the nucleation stage. Surface analysis reveals low damages after BEN on it.

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of nanocrystalline diamond

Full Paper: Recent studies of the incorporation of hydrogen and its bonding configuration in diamond films composed of diamond grains of varying size are reviewed. The hydrogen retention of the diamond films increases with decreasing grain size, indicating the likelihood that hydrogen is bonded and trapped in grain boundaries, as well as on the internal grain surfaces. Full Paper : The sticking and etch coefficients of various hydrocarbon species that may affect the growth of ultrananocrystalline and nanocrystalline diamond U NCD films are calculated by means of molecular dynamics simulations.

Conclusions about the most important species for U NCD growth are drawn. Full Paper: The effect of substitutional N on CH 3 adsorption and H abstraction have been calculated for both and surfaces. When N is positioned within the second carbon layer, the CH 3 adsorption is energetically disfavoured whilst the CH 2 formation is favoured. With N next to the reactive site, the finally formed CH 2 is observed to form sp 2 surface carbons which might be responsible for surface degradation at high N concentration.

Diamond spheres with a fixed radius are added randomly spread on a smooth substrate surface covered with diamond seeds in varied primary nucleation density. The secondary nucleation rate and the nucleation density on the bare substrate define the distribution of diamond spheres during each cycle. Zhou a , A. Krauss a , T. Corrigan a , b , T. McCauley a , R. Chang b and D. This Article doi: Greiner Nature Crossref Google Scholar.

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Precursors for CVD growth of nanocrystalline diamond | SpringerLink

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