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Davis and P.

Unit I: Lec 4 - MIT Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus

Dick and F. Kuo and I. Dummit and R. Hellekalek and G. Larcher and H. Niederreiter and P. Rains and Neil J. Evans and T. Fincke and M. Golub and Ch. Golubov and A. Efimov and V. Granas and J. Gruber and C.

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Gruber and J. Hedayat and N. Sloane and J. Heinrich and E.

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Fang and F. Hickernell and H. Hlawka and R. Hua and Y. Itoh and S. Karatzas and S. Kloeden and E.

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Kumada and H. Leeb and Y. Kurita and M. Sloan and H. Lenstra and H. Lenstra and L. Lidl and H. Menezes and S. Vanstone and P. This is achieved by a careful exploitation of the linear equations and inequalities relating various bit sizes before and after one or more reduction steps. Algebra Engrg. Noble and J. Olver and D. Lozier and R. Boisvert and C. Press and S. Teukolsky and W. Vetterling and B. Quarteroni and R.

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  5. Sacco and F. The LLL-algorithm with Householder orthogonalisation in floating-point arithmetic is very efficient and highly accurate. We review approximations of the shortest lattice vector by feasible lattice reduction, in particular by block reduction, primal--dual reduction and random sampling reduction. Segment reduction performs LLL-reduction in high dimension, mostly working with a few local coordinates. Sloan and L. Spanier and K. Acta Math. Abstract Article info and citation First page References Abstract Using probabilistic methods, we prove new rigidity results for groups and pseudo-groups of diffeomorphisms of one dimensional manifolds with intermediate regularity class i.

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