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Colin Wight. The agent-structure problem is a much discussed issue in the field of international relations.

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In his comprehensive analysis of this problem, Colin Wight deconstructs the accounts of structure and agency embedded within differing IR theories and, on the basis of this analysis, explores the implications of ontology - the metaphysical study of existence and reality. Wight argues that there are many gaps in IR theory that can only be understood by focusing on the ontological differences that construct the theoretical landscape.

By integrating the treatment of the agent-structure problem in IR theory with that in social theory, Wight makes a positive contribution to the problem as an issue of concern to the wider human sciences. At the most fundamental level politics is concerned with competing visions of how the world is and how it should be, thus politics is ontology. The habitus intersubjectivity rules places roles duties rights. However, this depends upon one's view of structure, which differs between Giddens and Archer.

Hence if strata in social reality have different ontologies, then they must be viewed as a dualism. Moreover, agents have causal power, and ultimate concerns which they try to fallibly put into practice.

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Mole and Mole propose entrepreneurship as the study of the interplay between the structures of a society and the agents within it. While the structure—agency debate has been a central issue in social theory, and recent theoretical reconciliation attempts have been made, structure—agency theory has tended to develop more in European countries by European theorists, while social theorists from the United States have tended to focus instead on the issue of integration between macrosociological and microsociological perspectives. George Ritzer examines these issues and surveys the structure agency debate in greater detail in his book Modern Sociological Theory From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Agents, Structures and International Relations : Politics as Ontology

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Level Of Analysis And The Structure Agency Problem

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  • Agents, Structures and International Relations: Politics as Ontology - Colin Wight - Google книги?
  • Agents, Structures and International Relations: Politics as Ontology - Colin Wight - Google книги.

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The agent-structure problem in international relations theory

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Agents, Structures and International Relations: Politics as Ontology

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