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Kenney Williams Tristia Jo—Marie Claassen Ibis Martin Helzle Epistulae ex Ponto Luigi Galasso Lost and Spurious Works Peter E.

A Companion to Ovid - Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World

Ovid and Hellenistic Poetry Jane L. Lightfoot Propertius and Ovid S. Heyworth Tibullus and Ovid Robert Maltby Ovid s Reception of Virgil Richard F. Commenting on Ovid Peter E. Knox Ovidian Intertextuality Sergio Casali Sexuality and Gender Alison Keith Ovid s Generic Transformations Joseph Farrell The Medieval Ovid John M.

Fyler Ovid and Shakespeare Gordon Braden Ovid in the Twentieth Century Theodore Ziolkowski Cueva and Shannon N. All rights reserved.

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If professional advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. ISBN cloth 1. Thrace—History—To Valeva, Julia, editor, author. Nankov, Emil, editor, author. Graninger, Denver, editor, author. Cover image: Apollo? Set in 9. A Companion to Ancient Thrace is an acknowledgement of the newly recognized complexity of the social and cultural phenomena of the Balkan periphery of the Classical world and responds to a need to make those phenomena more accessible to a broader scholarly audience.

The Companion provides an opportunity to move beyond prevailing Athenocentric and Romanocentric narratives and to appreciate Thrace both as home to unique and uniquely influential cultures, and as an important zone of contact and major player in Aegean, Mediterranean, and indeed Eurasian politics throughout antiquity. Archaeology plays a central role in this presentation, and many chapters provide up-to-date syntheses of available material evidence for the first time. Such evidence is incorporated in the Thracian histories and historiographies offered in the Companion, and implicated in discussion of fundamental problems in current scholarship on Thrace — some recent e.

Although the collection of essays focuses on the Classical and Hellenistic periods, individual chapters look beyond these chronological limits and consider problems of continuity and discontinuity with the preceding Early Iron Age and the succeeding Roman Imperial period. By bringing Thrace into dialogue with other regions in southeastern Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, and beyond, the Companion will ultimately allow for new sets of questions to begin to be posed of the region as a whole.

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The editors wish to thank: Valeria Bineva, for her skillful translation of eight chapters from Bulgarian into English; Dr. She Sofia University.

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  5. Mondes Antiques , Paris. Her primary interests are the Balkan countries. He is the author of a Thracian history and culture, the culture of new repertory of Thracian names, the Greek colonies on the Black Sea coast, Onomasticon Thracicum Athens, Peter E. Knox dir. Extraits en ligne sur books.

    A Companion to Ovid (Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World)

    This volume features more than 30 newly commissioned essays by notedscholars writing on various aspects of Ovid's work, such as production,genre, and style. It presents interpretive essays on key poems andcollections of poems and includes detailed discussions of Ovid'sprimary literary influences and his reception in English literature.

    The book also provides a helpful chronology of key literary andhistorical events during Ovid's lifetime. A Poet's Life, Peter E. Knox 2.

    go to link Poetry in Augustan Rome, Mario Citroni 3. Rhetoric and Ovid's Poetry, Elaine Fantham 4. Ovid and Religion, Julia Dyson Heyduk The Heroides : Female Elegy? The Ars amatoria , Roy K. Gibson 8.

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